Payment Method

Dear Paidunlock Client,

We accepts a variety of secure and trusted payment methods that vary depending on your country.


We are accept payment method below this List;

Online Payment Method,

*1. PayPal (only for verified user)

*2. PayPal mass pay (only for verified user)

*3. PayPal friends & family (only for verified user)

*4. PayPal Express Checkout (only for verified user)

*5. Skrill 

*6. Neteller 

*7. Payoneer

*8. WebMoney

*10. Bitcoin (BTC)

*11. Ethereum (ETH)

*12. Litecoin (LTC)

*13. Tether (USDT)


 International 10 minutes payment Method,

*1. Western Money (Temporarily Stopped, Coronavirus issue.)

*2. Money Gram (Temporarily Stopped, Coronavirus issue.)

*3. Ria. (Temporarily Stopped, Coronavirus issue.)

*4. Express Money (Temporarily Stopped, Coronavirus issue.)

*5. TransFast (Temporarily Stopped, Coronavirus issue.)


International Bank wire Transfer Method,

*1. Bangladesh Bank

1. Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.

2. Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.

3. Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.

4. Janata bank Ltd.

5. Brac Bank Ltd.

6. City Bank Ltd.

7. Bank Asia Ltd.


*2. China Bank

1. Agricultural Bank of China (ABC)

2. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)


*3. United Arab Emirates (U,A,E) Bank

1. Mashreq Bank ( بنك المشرق )

2. RAK Bank ( بنك رأس الخيمة )


*4. United States of America Bank

1. Citibank of USA

2. Wells Fargo Bank of USA

3. Regions Financial Corporation


Please contact at WhatsApp; +8801977776909 or Email; | Our team will give you the our bank details.

For Added funds? Contact us WhatsApp +8801977776909 with your username + payment details or Send Email;

Please Contact Us, need help about payments.


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